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Trevor Noah Controversy Drives Don Lemon’s CNN Panel Into Chaos Over ‘Targeting’ of African Americans (Video)

”But that’s not for you to decide,“ race blogger Wendy Todd says to Artie Lange on whether new ”Daily Show“ host is devaluing African Americans

During a CNN segment Tuesday night examining Trevor Noah’s controversial jokes on Twitter, Don Lemon’s panel erupted into chaos when discussing whether or not the new “Daily Show” host “targeted” African Americans.

While a panel of comedians and writers debated the fine line between funny and offensive, comedian Jay Thomas took on the “Twitter terrorists” who attack and bring people like Noah down.

“I really am proud of the fact that Comedy Central has backed him up and that Jon Stewart is backing him up too because it would be wonderful to see someone not get fired for something on Twitter,” he said.

Thomas continued by suggesting that if what Martha Stewart said Monday during the Justin Bieber roast was tweeted, her stock would’ve been cut in half, suggesting Twitter is a sea filled with sharks hunting for celebrities.

Artie Lange argued that just because Trevor Noah makes a couple of racially sensitive jokes doesn’t mean he devalues African Americans.

“But that’s not for you to decide,” Wendy Todd, a race blogger, shot back. “It’s not for you to decide either, Wendy,” Lange countered.

Todd went on to say as an African American “being targeted” and “marginalized” by Trevor Noah’s jokes, she and people like her have the right to decide whether he’s being funny or crossing the line.

John Fugelsang told Todd he would take her to any comedy club in New York City where African Americans are making the same jokes as Trevor Noah.

Watch the video.

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