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Trevor Noah Thinks Media Should Treat Donald Trump Like a ‘Toddler’ (Video)

”Logic is the downfall of every toddler,“ ”Daily Show“ host says

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah believes the media needs to stop fact-checking Donald Trump and instead treat him more like they would a “toddler.”

On his Tuesday night show, Noah said there were several parallels between the president-elect and a young child. “They like building things. They like attention. Always grabbing things they’re not supposed to. And they love riding escalators,” he said.

“I believe Donald Trump has created his own universe,” he continued. “And from that universe, he throws things at us in the real world and whether we can prove him wrong or not it doesn’t matter. We’ve lost, because now we’re in his universe.”

Noah then played clips of multiple news shows with panels debating whether or not they should be spending so much time on Trump’s tweets.

“Don’t amplify the toddler’s voice,” Noah said. “Ask the toddler to elaborate, because logic is the downfall of every toddler.”

“Next time Trump tweets something absolutely ridiculous, instead of fact-checking him just say, ‘Oh wow, Donald, really? Vote rigging? Show me where it happened and we’ll investigate!” Noah concluded.

Watch the video below.