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Watch a Fake ‘Daily Show’ Ad for a Fraudulent For-Profit College (Video)

Trevor Noah calls Education Secretary Betsy DeVos a ”reverse superhero“

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah unveiled a fake ad Wednesday for the kind of fraudulent for-profit universities he says are making a comeback under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Riffing on a notorious commercial featuring rapper Masta P, the fake ad details the high costs, huge debt, and phony course list for fictional “DeVroy University.” (The commercial, featuring Roy Wood Jr., kicks in at around the 4:20 mark in the video.)

Noah called DeVos a “reverse superhero” for actions like dismantling the Department of Education team focused on policing fraud and abuse.

Noah listed DeVos’ ties to for-profit colleges, as well as her appointment of Julian Schmoke, a former DeVry Univserity dean, to head up the Department of Education unit that polices fraud. (DeVry paid a $100 million settlement to the Federal Trade Commission, which said DeVry  “misled prospective students with ads that touted high employment success rates and income levels upon graduation.”)

And don’t worry: Noah also made fun of Master P’s idiosyncratic pronunciation of the word “success.”