Trevor Noah Thinks He’s Identified the ‘Fundamental Flaw’ in American Democracy (Video)

It has to do with Bill Barr’s uncooperative congressional testimony on Wednesday

On Wednesday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah took a long look at Attorney General Bill Barr’s Senate testimony about his handling of the Mueller report, and then identified what he says is a major problem besetting the United States.

The moment came after Noah looked at Barr’s bluntly uncooperative response to a request by Sen. Richard Blumenthal to see Barr’s notes from a phone call Barr says he had with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“May we have those notes,” Blumenthal asked.

“No,” said Barr.

“Why not?” asked Blumenthal.

“Why should you have them,” Barr replied.

“America, I feel like I have discovered a fundamental flaw in your democracy: You have no defense against someone just being a d—,” Noah said after watching a clip of the exchange.

“Seriously, just look at Sen. Blumenthal’s face, like he cannot believe what just happened,” Noah continued. “He’s just like ‘wha-wha-wha-what?’ Like he has the face white people pull when they get shut down in public, like people say ‘I wanna see the manager,’ and they’re like ‘get the f— out of here lady, there ain’t no manager at TJ Maxx.’”

There’s lots more in the clip from Wednesday’s “The Daily Show,” including a moment where Noah compared Mueller to a lazy version of Sherlock Holmes. Watch the whole clip above.