Trevor Noah Has Donald Trump’s Back During His UK Trip – Well, Kinda (Video)

Trump broke protocol and the “Daily Show” host thinks English people need to chill

Donald Trump has taken a lot of criticism during his UK trip, including from members of the British press who were positively aghast at how he acted around Queen Elizabeth. But POTUS had an unexpected defender on Tuesday — “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah. Well, sort of.

It seems that at one point during a state dinner on Monday night, Elizabeth started to get out of her chair and Trump, sitting next to her, appeared to put his hand on her back as if to steady the 93-year old monarch. Cue members of the press, who were absolutely appalled by Trump’s breach of protocol.

That’s where Noah came in. “These people need to calm the f— down,” Noah said after playing a clip of one of the reactions. “Alright? Donald was just being nice. If Trump really wanted to break protocol, I don’t think he’d be touching the queen’s back.”

We uh, probably don’t have to explain what that refers to.

“Anyway, I don’t think Trump touching the queen was offensive,” Noah continued. “What was offensive was Trump’s outfit for the dinner.” Watch the whole thing, including a bit about said outfit, above.

Meanwhile, for those of you wondering, this is nothing compared to another recent protocol violation. In 2012, Michelle Obama hugged the queen. Someone find us a fainting couch.