Trevor Noah Says Runoff Will ‘Screw Up Herschel Walker’s Brain’: ‘Another Election, Has it Been 6 Years Already?’ (Video)

“‘Oh man, that means I got 35 children now, what’s happening? Oh wow!'” Noah mocked

Georgia’s senate race was among the tightest this midterm election cycle, and now it’s headed to a runoff election next month to determine if Rev. Raphael Warnock or former football player Herschel Walker will represent the state. But Trevor Noah isn’t so sure that’s a good idea — specifically for Walker.

In his Wednesday night show, Noah joined in the dogpile of late night hosts mocking the fact that the widely touted “red wave” didn’t actually happen. Instead, control of both the senate and the house remain up for grabs, and will likely come down to exceedingly thin margins. Of course, whoever wins in Georgia is a key piece of that puzzle – and the “Daily Show” host is pretty sure that a runoff is only going to mess with Walker’s sense of time.

“The big senate race in Georgia looks like it is headed to a runoff in December. Yeah, which is only gonna screw up Herschel Walker’s brain even more,” Noah joked. “No, think about it. He’s probably gonna be like ‘Another election? Has it been six years already? Oh man, that means I got 35 children now, what’s happening? Oh wow!’”

Noah is, obviously, referring to the scandals that have plagued Walker through the election, after it was revealed that he fathered several more children than he ever mentioned having publicly. The biggest bombshell of his campaign came when The Daily Beast reported that an ex-girlfriend of Walker’s came forward saying that he encouraged her to have an abortion, and then paid for it, despite being vocally anti-abortion.

The “Daily Show” host then turned to the issue of abortion at large, marveling at the idea that anyone thought it wouldn’t be a major factor in these elections.

“Yeah, it turns out, abortion rights didn’t fade away as a concern. And it’s crazy that people ever thought it would,” Noah mocked. “Like, what woman out there would be like, ‘You know, it really bothered me over the summer when the state government wanted to take control of my reproductive system, but now, like, whatever! Yeah, maybe my body is their choice, I don’t know!’”

You can watch Noah’s full segment in the video above.