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Watch Trevor Noah’s Solid Impressions of Obama Giving the Sex Talk, Trump Smoking His First Joint (Video)

”Daily Show“ host’s take on Beto O’Rourke reading off cereal box ingredients isn’t bad either

There are worse things than getting the sex talk from your parents — like getting the sex talk from Barack Obama. While you might never have to endure the uncomfortable feeling of sitting down with the 44th president to hear about the birds and the bees, you can get a pretty good idea of how that speech would go thanks to Trevor Noah’s solid impression of Obama relaying the facts of life.

“Uh, right, um, this isn’t gonna be easy, but progress rarely is. So listen up,” the “Daily Show” host said, during a game of “Wheel of Political Impressions” on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.” “When a man loves, uh, woman, sometimes he wants to, uh, stimulate her economy. Now lemme be here, lemme be here, I’m talking about consensual sex it’s completely natural and, uh, fun.”

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough to sit through, Noah then did an impression of Donald Trump smoking marijuana for the first time, which began with a few very intense mimed puffs.

“Wow! So amazing. So amazing, I can feel it… hitting me in all different places,” he said. “So many places! Are there two of us right now?”

Oh, he was looking at Jimmy Fallon when he said that, with the “Tonight Show” host immediately jumping in with his own Trump impression to play off Noah’s.

Watch out, kids, because Trevor’s Trump is trying to “make weed great again.”

Watch the clip above, in which Noah also does a solid impression of Beto O’Rourke reading off the ingredients in a cereal box.