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Trevor Noah Is Enjoying Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘Breakup Text’ to the Royal Family (Video)

”But now, the Queen is saying ‘slow your roll, bitches,'“ host of ”The Daily Show“ jokes

On Thursday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah had fun looking at what he called the “breakup text” Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sent Buckingham Palace yesterday, AKA the announcement that they’re stepping away from the royal family to become “financially independent.”

Noah was particularly amused by the reaction from Buckingham Palace — if you’re just catching up, it became obvious that Markle and her husband’s announcement took the other members of the royal family by surprise, since the Palace said in a statement that discussions are “at an early stage,” and that “we understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that take time to work through.”

Or so Noah put it, “the Queen is saying ‘slow your roll, bitches.”

“Some people are saying the Queen is upset because the royal family needs Harry and Meghan to remain popular,” Noah continued. “I think that the real reason is that the Queen is mad because she’s stuck with a bunch of merchandise that she can’t sell.”

Noah then launched into an impression of QEII: “I can’t sell shirts that say ‘slay queen’ if there’s no black family. I’ll get canceled on Twit-ter.”

But Noah said that he really feels bad for Markle and Prince Harry’s infant son, Archie. “You realize, he’s gonna grow up and be like ‘let me get this straight: We used to be in the royal family? Like I could have been a king, and now I’m working at Burger King? Is that what you’re saying?”

Watch the whole clip above.