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Trevor Noah Tells Kirstjen Nielsen Where Else She Can’t Eat Thanks to Child Detainments (Video)

Homeland Security secretary was confronted by protesters in Mexican restaurant on Tuesday

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah had some helpful advice for Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: a list of other restaurants she should probably avoid thanks to Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Nielsen was at a Washington D.C. Mexican restaurant Tuesday when she was interrupted by a protest of the Trump Administration’s now-rescinded-by-executive-order policy of separating undocumented children from parents. After several minutes of demonstrators shouting things like “in a Mexican restaurant of all places, the f—– gall!” Nielsen left, but not before the whole thing was captured in a viral video.

“Look, I get why it’s not a good look to torment Latino kids, then go and get your Taco Tuesday on. But let’s be honest, there’s no place that she could have gone to eat without looking bad,” Noah said.

“I mean, when you’re locking kids up in cages, forget about eating at Golden Corral. Carl’s Jr. just makes us wonder when he’ll be reunited with Carl’s Sr. And you might think, alright fine, Hooters, you can go to Hooters. But can you? Really Kirstjen, after you’ve ripped these babies from their mothers’ breasts? I don’t think so,” Noah continued. “I’m just saying, if you’re in charge of an evil, family-destroying policy, maybe just pop in a Lean Cuisine for the night.”

There’s plenty more, including a look at Corey Lewandowski’s infamous “womp womp,” and the “seperation” typo in Trump’s executive order. Watch it above.