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Trevor Noah Looks at the Extremely Racist Coverage of Meghan Markle in British Media (Video)

And we do mean ”extremely“

On Monday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah took another look at the unfolding British royal family drama, this time focusing on the startling racism directed at Meghan Markle by the British press and even some members of the royal family.

Noah kicked things off by noting that earlier in the day, Queen Elizabeth II called an “emergency meeting” to deal with Markle and Prince Harry’s surprise announcement that they’re pulling away from the royal family and intend to become “financially independent.” Princes Charles, William and Harry attended the meeting in person, while Markle called in from Canada, and Noah said he couldn’t blame her for skipping.

“Because nothing good happens when white people invite you to the countryside,” Noah joked. “We’ve all seen ‘Get Out,’ we know how this s— ends.”

That’s when he got into the racism directed at Markle since she started dating Harry in 2016. Noah noted a Daily Mail headline that referenced NWA, a BBC host who compared Meghan and Harry’s infant son to a monkey, and even a member of the Royal family who wore jewelry with a racist design the first time she met Meghan.

“I wonder if this woman has a cabinet full of racist broaches for different occasions,” Noah joked about that. Then he turned his attention to a comparison of British newspaper headlines about Kate Middleton and those about Markle. One particularly galling example was the Daily Mail’s fawning coverage of the time Middleton was reported to have eaten avocados, only to quite literally accuse Markle of being complicit in human rights crimes for doing the same thing.

Noah also talked about the recent report that Markle might have landed a voice over job for Disney.

Watch the whole thing above.