Trevor Noah Reenacts Dilemma ‘Lunging’ Trump Posed to Security: ‘They’ve Got to Jump in Front of Their Own Punch!’ (Video)

Noah’s slow-motion ‘Matrix’-style imagining really iced it

What happens when presidents attack?

It’s a question no one’s ever had to ponder before this week, when former top White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson revealed a bit of hot White House gossip while testifying before the Jan. 6 Select Committee. Hutchinson recalled a story she heard about Trump “lunging” at the steering wheel of his armored SUV and scuffling with his own security detail the day of the Capitol riots.

To make that into comedy, all “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah had to do was take that situation to its next logical step: Secret Service agents defending – themselves?

“You’ve got to admit, fighting your own Secret Service agent is kind of genius on Trump’s part,” he said. “He’s hitting the one person who can’t hit back.”

Agents are expected to lay down their own lives for the president, jumping in front of bullets and the like. But what happens if the attack is coming from inside the White House?

“I mean, they can punch back, but then they’ve got to jump in front of their own punch,” Noah said, icing it with a hysterical slow-motion reenactment. “It’s like, take that! Noooo…”

Watch the entire thing above.