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Trevor Noah Opens Fire on Militias: ‘Angry White Dudes Are Truly on Some Other Level’ (Video)

”Well, well, we meet again, racism. I’ve been expecting you“

Trevor Noah took aim at our nation’s apparently mounting militia movement during Wednesday’s “Daily Show,” when he observed: “Angry white dudes are truly on some other level.”

“I’m not gonna lie, this whole militia thing in America still blows my mind,” Noah said from his New York City apartment. “I mean, when I first heard there was a group of young men who carry guns around and all dress alike, I thought — I mean you can’t fool me — that’s a gang. A super-white gang, but that’s a gang.”


Watch the video above for the “Militias” installment of “The Daily Show” recurring segment “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know.”

The entire concept behind militias is pretty antiquated and presently terrifying, the South-African comedian said last night.

“In today’s age, militias are a lot like wiping your ass with leaves,” Noah said. “They used to be all we had, but with all of the progress society has made, if you’re still doing that s—, you’re probably a little crazy.”

To Noah, the rise in anarchy all falls into familiar territory, and resides under a far-too-prominent heading. “Well, well, we meet again, racism,” Noah said. “I’ve been expecting you.”

The Comedy Central host may have been expecting the bigotry, but there is something he simply cannot wrap his brain around.

“What I don’t get about these militias is that if you want to train in army fatigues and train for war, you can do that in the military, Noah said. “And they pay you! And you get healthcare!”