Trevor Noah Rips Trump’s First 100 Days: ‘You Don’t Get to Disregard the Number’ (Video)

“I bet Trump’s one of those people who makes too many New Year’s resolutions,” “Daily Show” host says

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah mocked President Trump’s upcoming 100th day in office on Monday night by examining a variety of broken promises, saying, “You don’t get to disregard the number because you don’t like the current results.”

“This Saturday will be President Trump’s 100th day in office. I mean, it’s 100 days in Trump time. For us, it is 15 years,” Noah said. “As history will tell you, it’s an early milestone of presidential success.”

Noah then played a montage of Trump making promises on the campaign trail, including everything from cutting taxes to rebuilding in the military.

“And none of it is actually gonna get done,” Noah said while impersonating the president.

“I bet Trump’s one of those people who makes too many New Year’s resolutions,” Noah said. “Because with just five days to go before day 100, it’s starting to become clear that President Trump has accomplished very little of what he promised.”

Noah listed the Mexican border wall, the travel ban and replacing Obamacare as examples of failed promises.

“With the 100 day mark approaching and not much to show for it, there was only one thing for Donald Trump to do… admit that being a resident is a lot more nuanced than he expected and… no, I’m just kidding,” Noah said. “He’s just moving the goal posts.”

Noah then played a news report on Trump downplaying the 100 day milestone, which he recently called a “ridiculous standard” on Twitter. Last week, the Washington Post offered an unflattering look at his first 90 days in office — based on goals that he had stated for that period in an interview with the paper last fall.

Check out the video above.