Trevor Noah Says ‘White House Rose Garden Is Like the Wet Market of America Right Now’ (Video)

“Daily Show” host says White House has seen more infections in last day than New Zealand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia combined

Trevor Noah dissected last week’s “super-spreader” White House event on Monday’s “Daily Show,” joking that the recent positive COVID-19 test results that have been revealed for President Trump and dozens of people who are in close contact with him mean that “The White House Rose Garden is like the wet market of America right now.”

“Turns out, while you’ve spent the last seven months hugging your grandma through a giant condom, Trump and his friends are having no-mask cocktail receptions, indoors, where the guest of honor is COVID-19,” the Comedy Central late-night host said, referring to the Sept. 26 celebration for Trump’s Supreme Court pick Judge Amy Coney Barrett. “And now at least 30 people in Trump’s circle have tested positive for COVID-19. You realize that means there’s been more infections at the White House over the last day than in New Zealand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia combined.”

Noah emphasized that he doesn’t see the “massive outbreak” at the White House as “karma” for an administration that has downplayed the coronavirus, but as “consequences.”

“It’s not karma to get hit by lightening when you’re standing on the roof of a skyscraper holding a metal rod while there is lightening. The universe didn’t do that s–t to you, you did that s–t to yourself!”

“The Daily Show” host also made it clear he does not want Trump, who left Walter Reed hospital Monday after a three day stay, to lose his life due to his COVID-19 infection: “I want him to lose an election.”

“I also don’t want him to die because then Mike Pence would be president. And then we might as well be dead, because Mike Pence is the most boring human being on the planet,” Noah joked. “If Trump is cocaine, Mike Pence is just flour. Your nose is still going to burn, but nothing cool happens.”

Watch Noah’s full monologue via the video above.

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