Trevor Noah Mocks Trump Forgetting J.D. Vance’s Name: ‘At the GOP Starbucks, Whatever Name Trump Calls, That’s You’ (Video)

“The entire party right now is basically ‘Mean Girls’,” the late night host said

Trevor Noah took aim at former President Donald Trump and the Ohio GOP on Monday night while recapping the latest news about the state’s upcoming primary election.

As it stands, there are four candidates running for the Republican senate and Noah mocked each of them during “The Daily Show” for spending their campaign “trying to show that they are the Trumpiest” — even after several of them had denounced him during his time in office.

“Basically everyone spent this entire race trying to get the seal of approval from King Donald. Even the people who secretly don’t think too highly of him, which we see time and time again. It’s normal now,” he said. “The entire party right now is basically ‘Mean Girls.’ They’ll talk shit about Trump behind his back, but then to his face they’re like ‘Oh my God, Donald. You look so hot. Oh my God! I wish I had your FUPA.”

But, as Noah pointed out, it didn’t matter who received Trump’s endorsement in the end, because he couldn’t remember their names. After endorsing candidate J.D. Vance (who you may recognize as the author of the book-turned-Oscar-contender “Hillbilly Elegy”), Trump appeared at a rally in Nebraska where he talked about the candidates in each state who he had thrown his support behind.

He mentioned Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is running in Pennsylvania. And then, he stumbled over Vance’s name, ending with: “JP, JD Mandel.” That’s actually a combination of Vance’s name, as well as Josh Mandel, another Ohio Senate candidate.

“That was weird,” Noah said. “You could see, even the crowd was like, ‘Ah man.’ They look like parents watching their kid bomb at the spelling bee.”

He added, “I feel bad for J.D. Vance, because now he’s gonna have to change his name to JP JD Mandel. Cause if you’re a Republican, Trump is never wrong. At the GOP Starbucks, whatever name Trump calls, that’s you.”