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Trevor Noah Wonders if Trump’s Real Immigration Plan Is to Deport Melania (Video)

Like you haven’t asked the same thing

Last Updated: August 15, 2019 @ 7:10 AM

On Wednesday’s “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah took a deeper look at Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies and jumped to a striking conclusion: The whole thing might be a smokescreen for his real plan — to deport his wife, Melania.

For the first bit of “evidence,” Noah looked at Trump’s complaints about immigrants who work illegally. Then Noah looked at Melania who, according to the Associated Press, first came to the U.S. on a tourist visa but worked illegally as a model.

Next, Noah brought up Trump’s complaints that immigrants often wrongly receive elite visas. Like Melania, a relatively unknown model who received the super elite EB-1 visa, nicknamed the “Einstein visa” because it’s reserved for “immigrants with extraordinary ability,” such as scientists and high-achieving artists.

Finally, Noah brought up one of Trump’s biggest gripes, so-called “chain migration,” in which legal immigrants sponsor family members to immigrate as well.

Noah pointed out that Melania used the process to help her parents become U.S. citizens, but in a funny bit then addressed his relatives in South Africa directly to specifically debunk Trump’s claim that immigrants can sponsor an “unlimited” number of family members.

“The law even says you guys can’t crash on my couch, and I’m not even home that weekend,” Noah joked.

Watch the whole thing above.