Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Ruffs Up the Golden Collar Awards (Video)

Everyone's favorite scorn-hurling pooch, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, makes a mess on the red carpet

Last Updated: August 31, 2012 @ 2:33 PM

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog might have been woefully omitted from the nominations at this year's Golden Collar Awards (basically, the Oscars and Emmys for dog actors), but that didn't keep him from making — and mocking — the awards ceremony anyway.

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The cigar-chomping, bile-spewing pooch made his presence known at the ceremony held earlier this month, and video footage of his confrontational appearance finally surfaced on "Conan" Thursday night.

After insulting the celebrity guests as "a veritable 'Who's Available' in Hollywood; insisting that one of the nominees had undergone cosmetic surgery ("There's like 16 nipples down there"); and recalling his erotic exploits with an Irish setter on the scene ("I've already been on that red carpet"), Triumph was banned from the red carpet. But he bravely protested and fought his way back into the action, where more canine hilarity ensued.

Check out the video of Triumph at the Golden Collar Awards and watch the fur fly.