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‘TRON: Legacy’ Producers Love Fan Mashup ‘Rerezzed’ (Video)

Josh Prescott’s handiwork gets a shout-out from ”Tron: Legacy“ producers

If you ever wonder why fanboys spend hours and hours making mashup videos, ask Josh Prescott.

According to a recent post on WIRED, the 31-year-old’s mashup of “Tron: Legacy” with music from Los Angeles-based electronica outfit The Glitch Mob earned public kudos from the film’s producer.

Sean Bailey singled out Prescott’s handiwork at a recent press conference in Los Angeles, where he talked about the viral marketing campaign for the Disney film.

“At a meeting last week after looking at the Daft Punk ‘Derezzed’ video, we pulled up this piece called ‘Rerezzed‘ that’s really beautiful,” Bailey said. “There’s this fascinating back-and-forth in that “Tron” fans have been evangelizing for the movie, partly out of love for the original … partly because of the early looks at [director] Joe [Kosinski's] work.”

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