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Tropical Storm Don Stirs Up Trump Memes: ‘Low Energy, Sad!’

The jokes are funny, but the name is pure coincidence

As Tropical Storm Don approaches land, Trump memes are approaching gale-force levels. The most recent Atlantic tropical cyclone shares its name with the U.S. Commander in Chief, and Twitter is loving it. And the jokes have been rolling in like storm clouds on the social media platform.


Though people were quick to draw comparisons between Tropical Storm Don and Donald Trump, the storm’s name has nothing to do with the current U.S. president.

Dennis Feltgen of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) spoke to TheWrap on Monday and confirmed that the shared namesake is purely coincidental. According to Feltgen, the NHC maintains six lists of names that are reused every six years. When a particular storm or hurricane causes significant damage, members of the World Meteorological Organization vote to replace its name.

In 2011, “Don” was voted to replace “Dennis.” Based on the six-year rotation cycle, the name “Don” would be used again in 2017 (and again in 2023).

Nice try, Twitter, but it looks like this one was an accident.

According to The Weather Channel, Tropical Storm Don “will maintain a westward track” over the next few days. It is not anticipated to develop into a hurricane.

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