‘True Blood’ Blog: Jessica Asks for Homemaking Advice (Video)

The redhead vampire can’t cook or decorate — but she can blog

As demonstrated by the nasty raw eggshell surprise she angrily whipped up for her boyfriend in the season four premiere of "True Blood," the redheaded vampire Jessica is quite possibly the worst cook in the world.

Of course, the woman no longer eats people food, so we should cut her some slack for be a disaster in the kitchen. God knows her live-in human boyfriend Hoyt doesn't.

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In her latest blog entry, Bon Temps' vampiest vampire addresses her culinary shortcomings and asks for homemaking advice from fans.

"I wish there was a Vampire Living magazine," she says.

Note to self: Check into market for Vampire Living magazine.

The third episode of the fourth season airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.