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‘True Blood’ Star Joe Manganiello on Alcide’s Transformation: ‘He’s the Domesticated Wolf Now’ (Video)

The show’s most popular werewolf dishes on his character’s wild ride to Season 7 during a new episode of TheWrap’s ”Drinking With the Stars“

“True Blood’s” star Joe Manganiello, who plays wild wolfman Alcide on the hit series, sat down with TheWrap’s guest correspondent Jake Whetter to talk about what viewers can expect in the upcoming season. Spoiler Alert: Sookie and Alcide are finally together.

Manganiello is happy to see his character, Alcide, finally got the girl.

“He’s the domesticated wolf now, so he gets a haircut to try to fit in with the community and not be the wild man anymore,” Manganiello told TheWrap.

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Alcide has changed a lot through the seasons, some of which didn’t paint him in the most favorable light. Manganiello recalls the phase when his character was a total jerk, which he didn’t especially enjoy — and doesn’t think his fans did, either.

As Manganiello puts it, “I don’t know how many girls think that’s sexy.”

Alcide and Sookie have settled down to play house in the final season, which is definitely a change of pace for the character. But as the show is nearing its end, Manganiello is reflecting back on the beginning.

“I remember where I was when I saw the first episode, when it first premiered,” he says. “I wasn’t on the show, of course, at that time, but I remember watching it. I was in North Carolina at the Riverview Suites shooting season 6 of ‘One Tree Hill.'”

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Manganiello’s run on “One Tree Hill” was what convinced fans that he could also play a compelling werewolf on “True Blood.” An online fan campaign was launched where fans of the “True Blood” book series petitioned for Manganiello to play Alcide when the werewolf showed up later on in the show — and it happened.

“There’s been an overwhelming amount of support for me and for the character,” Manganiello says. “I had a guest star contract for six episodes and that was it — there was no plans to have me on the show past that. I guess there was such a response to the character that they had to find something to do with me. So the reason I’ve had this five year run is really because of this fan support.”

The seventh and final season of HBO’s “True Blood” premieres Sun., June 22.

Watch the video below: