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‘True Blood’s’ Anna Paquin on Sookie’s Romances: She Has ‘to Close Some Doors’

The HBO supernatural series' heroine has a new attitude and possibly a new love interest on Season 6

Of the critiques on HBO's "True Blood," there is one that the vampire series seems to be addressing this season.

Since Season 1, Sookie (Anna Paquin) has bounced between romances with Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). Some have wondered when she would become more active in the decisions she made about those relationships. But, Sookie is asserting herself more this season than she has ever had before.

"You can’t watch the same person make the same relationship mistakes over and over again without at some point expecting that they’re going to learn from what’s happened and eventually have to close some doors," Paquin told TheWrap.

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"In the case of both Bill and Eric, they’re people that she legitimately has incredibly strong feelings for, and it’s really quite painful to realize that you actually need to walk away," she continued. "There can also be something very empowering about that."

TheWrap: We've come to see Sookie and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) as orphans. But, now their faerie grandfather has entered the picture. What are the dynamics of that for the characters?
Anna Paquin: There are definitely some dynamics that will play out — which I’m going to try to talk around so I don’t get myself in trouble. One of the main reasons that our [faerie] grandfather has showed up again is because I’m in imminent danger from Warlow, whom we still don’t know that much about, or where he is, or how imminently that threat is going to present itself. That is a big part of why he is there. There is something kind of comforting for Sookie and Jason, even though he’s kind of strange, about some family member showing back up again, even if it’s from a different century.

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We were just introduced to this new faerie character and possible love interest, Ben (Robert Kazinsky). What does he bring out of Sookie that we haven’t seen in other seasons?
Well, she’s never been with another faerie. She’s always been with other supernatural creatures that ultimately they're different species end up being problematic in various ways. This is the first one of her own kind that she’s ever been with or met. The first time she ever hears or sees him she’s kind of like, “Oh, God, no! Got to keep walking, got to go to work. Not again.” But there is something actually alluring about feeling like maybe this person might actually understand you. There's definitely potential there.

While Sookie weighs her options, see what Eric's up to on Sunday's episode below:

"True Blood" airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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