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‘True Blood’s’ Sam Trammell Beefs With David Wain on ‘Children’s Hospital’ (Exclusive Video)

Creator Rob Corddry talks with TheWrap about the last two episodes in the fifth season of his Adult Swim comedy

“Children’s Hospital” creator and star Rob Corddry has created a successful comedy career by operating under a simple code.

“My philosophy is do cool stuff with people that aren’t dicks,” Corddry told TheWrap.

So far, so good.

Corddry promises that his Adult Swim show, which started as a web series, will close out its fifth season with two “cool” episodes unlike typical TV offerings.

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Thursday’s episode is a faux-documentary about the faux-television show. Both are directed by the fake David Wain and played by the real David Wain.

Confusing? It’s kind of supposed to be. And it’s not about to become any clearer.

In the below clip, fake Wain’s fake beef with the real Sam Trammell’s (“True Blood”) fake character stems over their (real in Wain’s case) mutual friend and fake protege, Just Falcon/Dr. Glenn Richie (played by real Ken Marino). If that’s too much to take in, just watch the clip below and enjoy the oddity played out by the show’s all-star cast, including Corddry, Wain, Marino, Rob Huebel, Malin Ackerman, Lake Bell, Henry Winkler and Megan Mullally.

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“I swore to God that I would never do this show on TV,” Corddry told TheWrap. So naturally, that’s exactly where the 11-minute episodes ended up, resulting in two Emmy awards.

Corddry and friends are part of what he calls a “correction” happening in television.

He promises even more off-beat comedy in the finale. “The production value is insane,” he said, offering a sucinct synopsis to next Thursday’s season 5 ender: “Explosions and sex.”

What more do you need?

Watch the clip from Thursday’s episode above.