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‘True Blood’s’ Todd Lowe on Show’s Big Death: ‘It Was a Bit of a Surprise’

The actor also talks showrunner changes, ratings and what's to come for Terry on the HBO series' sixth season

Amid a vampire versus human war on HBO's "True Blood," war vet and newlywed Terry Bellefleur has his own set of challenges.

After killing Patrick (Scott Foley) on Season 5 when he threatened to kill wife Terry (Carrie Preston) after finding out that the spirit that's haunting them demanded that someone must die, Terry will find that things are rarely dead and buried on Sunday's new episode.

"An unexpected visitor shows up at Merlotte’s," Todd Lowe, who plays mentally unstable Terry, teased when TheWrap asked what's ahead for his character.

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"It’s another casualty added to Terry’s growing list, and we know that he doesn’t deal so well with that," he added. "As expected, we know he’s not going to deal with it so well again."

TheWrap: Will we see some of his post-traumatic stress disorder return this season?
Todd Lowe: Yeah, he’s got a lot of anguish over having to kill his friend and commander, even though it was pretty much inevitable because there was [a demon] Ifrit curse. It was either him or Terry and I had to pull the trigger. Once again, he shot someone in front of his own eyes and is having a hard time coping with it.

How does that affect his wife Arlene and the family?
Well, Arlene wants no more of this marine, PTSD war backstory from before she knew Terry. She wants Terry as the husband, stepdaddy, friend and confidante. Unfortunately, Terry’s not so good at one of those three.

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Does Terry get pulled into the human versus vampire war raging this season?
There is not so much vampire interaction with Terry. He has own little special mission that he needs to go on and I’ll leave it at that. It's revealed towards the middle of the season.

Looking back on this season, is there a scene that you’re most excited for fans to see? Where should fans expect to see this scene?
Halfway through the season there’s a big moment that I haven’t gotten to play yet, so I’m excited. That happens in episode five or six, I think. I’m curious to see how that goes over.

There are a lot of changes on Season 6. For instance the showrunner changes. What do you think we’ll notice on-screen as a result of the handoff from Alan Ball?
I’m curious to see if there’s a shift in tonality. I didn’t really notice it in the script or in the table reads or in any of the days on-set. When Brian Buckner came in around the second episode, he got us going again. It’s a big machine, and it’s pretty well oiled. There wasn’t any palpable tension that I noticed.

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The premiere ratings were a little lower compared to last year. What's your take on that?
I watched the basketball game on Sunday night. I don’t think we’ve had to deal with that in seasons past. The basketball game is a live event. I don’t really pay attention to the numbers. I did notice a headline that it had dipped a little bit, but not much. I was told there were strong returns as we’re fighting against this sporting event.

The executive producers have been teasing that someone major is going to die this season. What can you tell us about the reaction of the cast to this departure?
I know we were sad to see it coming. I can’t say too much more. It was a bit of a surprise and it was kind of an emotional moment – we’ve been together as a cast since the first season.

Watch HBO's preview of what's to come this season below:

"True Blood" airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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