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'True Detective's Vince Vaughn Needs Just 1 Second to Nail 'Magic Mike' on 'Tonight Show' Game (Video)

All "Swingers" star required was a provocative dance and the clue of "washboard abs"

Vince Vaughn is clearly a "True Detective" -- he just needs a good partner.

The HBO anthology series star required just one second to interpret Jimmy Fallon's sexy dance moves and "washboard abs" clue as a nod to "Magic Mike."

The duo played "5 Second Summaries" on Friday's "Tonight Show," a game which gives players a diminishing number of beats to describe and guess a movie based on short descriptions. No words from the title can be used, and no actors named.

Up first, the humorous Vaughn got away with one by using the word "home" during his "Home Alone" account. The two couldn't hook up on "Independence Day."

In the three-second version, the guys got Vaughn's classic comedy "Swingers," but not "Ghostbusters."

Their best overall round, amazingly, was the one-second stage. The host and his guest nailed both "Jurassic World" and the aforementioned Channing Tatum film with just a total of three spoken words.

Season 2 of "True Detective" premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Watch the video: