‘The View’ Roasts Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ Walkout: ‘Who’s the Snowflake Here?’ (Video)

“He’s like a colicky baby with a persecution complex,” Ana Navarro says

“The View” roasted President Trump over his leaked “60 Minutes” interview on Friday, likening his walkout to the antics of a “colicky baby” — and turning one of his supporters’ favorite insults back on him.

“It’s funny because they love to attack people as being ‘snowflakes,’ and I’m looking at this interview thinking, dude, who’s the snowflake here?” guest host Ana Navarro said. “It’s not Lesley Stahl.”

“I watched the entire interview yesterday that he released, 30-some minutes. I didn’t see what the big deal was,” Navarro continued. “He really is complaining about nada. He’s like a colicky baby with a persecution complex and paranoia.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed with Navarro’s assessment, adding that what Trump thought would be a slick move by leaking the interview before it’s Sunday airdate on CBS actually “backfired” on him.

“What we saw, like Ana described, was a colicky, petulant child,” she said. “It was like the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothing.”

Hostin also criticized Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, pointing out that he seemed to be dodging the questions.

“He just refuses to take any responsibility,” she said. “He mishandled this pandemic. It’s so clear when you watch the 37 minutes, that little clip, that everyone’s going to tune in and see that.”

Joy Behar, in characteristic fashion, had one zinger up her sleeve to cinch the discussion.

“When the going gets tough, Donald Trump has bone spurs,” she joked. “That’s all I have to say.”

Watch the clip above.


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