Trump Calls CNN a ‘Fraud’ Right in Front of Them During ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview (Video)

“They’re listening. They’re right behind you,” Steve Doocy warns POTUS

Trump on 'Fox & Friends'
Fox News/Twitter

It didn’t take long into President Donald Trump’s Friday “Fox & Friends” interview for him to call CNN “fake news” again. The only difference is, this time, he said it to their faces.

“You gotta watch this CNN,” Trump told Doocy this morning from the White House lawn. “What a fraud it is.”

“They’re listening,” Doocy replies. “They’re right behind you.”

“That’s fine,” Trump says. He then turns and gestures to the media pool behind him and Doocy, asking them: “Do you hear me?”

Watch the clip here:

Doocy and Trump were talking about the POTUS’ recent meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. All CNN could do was listen in from a few yards away.