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SOTU: Twitter’s Best Clapbacks at Trump’s VERY LOUD CLAPS

Clap clap clap clap clap

In case anyone wasn’t sure when to clap during President Trump’s State of the Union speech, he made it very clear, by loudly clapping at his own remarks into the microphone at his podium.

Was it a matter of stagecraft? Stage direction? A guy who just didn’t realize how close to the mic he was clapping? It’s impossible to say — almost as impossible as it was to keep count of Trump’s many self-directed applause breaks.

He clapped for America, for the military, for an Albuquerque cop who stopped a pregnant woman from injecting heroin by promising to adopt her daughter. Most deserved the claps, to be sure. But wow, there were a great many claps, and they provided the most memorable sound of the 2018 State of the Union.

Claps have always been a big part of the State of the Union — “Saturday Night Live” once built a sketch around Vice President Dan Quayle (Michael J. Fox) not knowing when to clap for President Bush (Dana Carvey). And talking heads always take note of when Democrats clap, when Republicans clap, and when both clap. Or refuse to clap.

But no one will ever need to debate when Trump clapped. He clapped for his own call to crush ISIS. He clapped for the flag. He clapped and clapped and clapped and CLAPPED.

And Twitter clapped back: