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Trump Called Out for Hidden Coke Bottle After Announcing Coca-Cola Boycott

”He’s hiding his Diet Coke bottle behind the phone a day after telling everyone to boycott Coca-Cola!β€œ one Twitter user says

Talk about awkward. Former President Donald Trump got ridiculed on Monday for hiding his beloved Diet Coke bottle in a photo op just days after he called for a boycott of Coca-Cola over Georgia voting rights.

Stephen Miller, Trump’s former senior White House adviser, posted the photo of Trump sitting at his desk at Mar-a-Lago with the Coke bottle hiding behind the phone.

“Just has a terrific meeting with President Trump!” tweeted Miller.

Twitter being Twitter, numerous people zoomed and identified the glass Diet Coke bottle, which the former ex-president is notorious for having an obsession about, so much so that he even had a Diet Coke call button in the oval office during his tenure.

“He’s hiding his Diet Coke bottle behind the phone a day after telling everyone to boycott Coca-Cola!” tweeted Josh Billinson.


“Trump called for a ban on Coke 3 days ago. How is that going?” tweeted Don Moynihan.

Here are some other tweets:

Georgia Gov. Kemp signed a voting rights bill into law last month that dramatically restricts early voting access and mail-in voting, which became a partisan touchpoint from Republicans who tried to get Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden overturned. Additionally, the bill makes it a crime to give people waiting in line food and water.

The bill was passed through the GOP-controlled state legislature and comes after Biden became the first Democrat to win the state since 1992. That was followed up by a Democrat sweep in dual Senate runoff elections in early January, which gave control of the Senate to the Democrats.