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Colbert Gets Odd Answers Out of Donald Trump in Post-Super Bowl ‘Interview’ (Video)

Man, this President really likes the Russian one

Stephen Colbert scored an exclusive post-Super Bowl 51 interview with President Trump — only, of course he didn’t.

Still, Monday’s “Late Show” cold-opened with the CBS host posing questions to POTUS, with the answers coming from rival Bill O’Reilly’s actual Sunday conversation. In this day-later version, when Trump predicts a New England Patriots victory that’s already happened, Colbert’s not quite impressed.

The billionaire businessman also fake-rips Lady Gaga’s halftime show, specifically slamming her backup dancers. Who would Trump have rather seen out there between the second and third quarters, when the Atlanta Falcons seemed to have the Lombardi Trophy in the bag? You guessed it, his buddy Vladimir Putin.

Watch the video above.

The segment ends with an awkward — though hilarious — handshake.