Twitter Goes Wild After President Trump Gets Caught Parroting Fox News

POTUS tweeted a stat shortly after is was mentioned on “Fox & Friends”


President Trump took to Twitter on Saturday morning to complain about the media, citing underreported national debt statistics.

But watchdogs were quick to point out that the same numbers were mentioned on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” shortly before the president’s tweet.

Media watchdogs wanted to make it clear that businessman former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain mentioned the same information on air shortly before the president tweeted it, suggesting that the new president was watching his favorite morning show.

Trump has repeatedly called other news organizations “fake news,” while recently praising the Fox News morning show as “great.”

“Fox & Friends” co-hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade will travel to the White House for a sit-down interview with President Trump that will air on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Check out some of the reaction on Twitter:


Tuesday’s interview will be President Trump’s first morning show appearance since his inauguration. “Fox & Friends” has been friendly to the Trump administration, while cable news rivals “Morning Joe” and “New Day” attack POTUS on a regular basis.