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Trump Campaign Launches ‘Media Accountability Survey': ‘Do You Trust CNN?’

”The media loves to pretend they’re unbiased, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,“ reads a slightly leading introduction to the survey

On Wednesday the Trump Make America Great Again Committee launched a “mainstream media accountability survey” into inboxes around the country. The effort is a joint project paid for by the Donald Trump presidential campaign and the Republican National committee.

“The media loves to pretend they’re unbiased, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” an email promoting the  survey reads. “Liberal propaganda machines have used every possible tactic to slander, undermine, and insult the President as he fights to put AMERICA FIRST.”

And with that somewhat leading description, Americans were asked a series of uniquely Trumpian questions including:

“Do you trust CNN to report fairly on our presidency?” (Question 4)

“Do you feel that the media is too eager to slur conservatives with baseless accusations of racism and sexism?” (Question 10)

“Do you believe the media is biased when it covers President Trump’s stances on illegal immigration (ex: the Wall, ending Sanctuary cities)?” (Question 17)

“Do you believe that the media holds Democrats to a different standard than Republicans?” (Question 22)

Since he became president, Donald Trump has made no secret of his obsession with ratings and media coverage. The former reality star is said to watch hours of cable news each day, including must watch programs on Fox News like “Fox & Friends,” “Hannity” and “Judge Jeanine.”

On Twitter, Trump regularly promotes news segments he agrees with while railing against coverage he finds objectionable. Most media organizations not named Fox News have faced his wrath on the platform at one time or another.

It’s unclear what the ultimate point of the survey is. Reps for the RNC did not immediately respond to request for comment from TheWrap.