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Trump to Reporters’ Kids: ‘I Cannot Believe the Media Produced Such Beautiful Children’ (Video)

”I bet you get treated better by the press than anybody in the world“ says POTUS

Things got really spooky in the Oval Office on Friday during Donald Trump’s visit with several reporters’ children all dressed up for Halloween — and the president might just be jealous of how the kids get “treated” by the press.

“I cannot believe the media produced such beautiful children,” Trump said to the room.

“Do you know who they are?” Trump asked the children, dressed as Batman, Princess Leia, witches, etc. “They’re the friendly media. They’re the press.” He ushered over one little girl who seemed to be crying.

“These are beautiful, wonderful children,” Trump said, then groaned. “Are you going to grow up to be like your parents? Ehhh… don’t answer. That can only get me in trouble, that question.”

“No, you have wonderful parents, right?” he then said, to which the children nodded as they looked around at the cameras.

Trump then proceeded to pass out some White House candy. “You have no weight problems, that’s the good news, right?”

“So how does the press treat you? I bet you get treated better by the press than anybody in the world,” he said. He then addressed the parents: “Well, congratulations, folks, you did a good job. At least here” — pointing to the group of costumed children. “I wouldn’t say here” — he pointed to himself.

Watch the full interaction above.