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Trump Hotels, CNN, and Fox News Are Top 3 Most Divisive Brands, According to Survey

News outlets made up 12 of the 15 most politically divisive brands, according to a survey from Morning Consult, but Trump Hotels topped the list

Trump Hotels, CNN, and Fox News are the top three most politically polarizing brands, according to survey results released on Tuesday by Morning Consult, a privately held market research company.

With an average of 13,419 respondents per brand, Morning Consult’s results stem from surveys collected from July 1-Aug. 8. Among Republican and Democrat respondents, the survey showed that Republicans were more likely to view the Trump Hotels more favorably than Democrats, making for a difference of 86 percentage points in net favorability. Meanwhile, CNN — the second most divisive brand, according to the survey — was viewed more favorably by Democrats than Republicans with a difference of 80 percentage points. And the reverse was once again true for Fox News, where Republicans viewed the network far more favorably than Democrats for a difference of 73 percentage points.

The survey also name-checked the New York Times, NBC News, MSNBC, ABC News, the Washington Post, CBS News, CNBC, and other Fox subsidiaries in the list of the top 15 most divisive brands. Smith & Wesson, the firearm manufacturer, and Nike also made the list.

The brand favorability rankings are similar to last year’s survey results, which collected responses during a longer time frame between Oct. 3, 2017 and Jan. 2, 2018. Again, Trump Hotels, CNN, and Fox News topped the list of the three most polarizing brands, though NBC News tied for third with Fox News at that time.