John Oliver: ‘Jane Goodall Could Not Explain’ Trump’s Behavior

“At this point, he’s become a walking logical paradox,” HBO host says of POTUS

Last Updated: June 12, 2017 @ 6:57 AM

John Oliver simply cannot figure President Trump out. Don’t worry bud, you’re not alone.

The HBO host opened Sunday night’s “Last Week Tonight” by recapping former FBI director James Comey’s testimony from a few days ago, and then the leader of the free world’s bizarre Twitter “victory” lap about 20 hours later.

Here’s what Trump posted on the social media site Friday:

“Just think about what he’s saying there: Trump is essentially claiming that he’s been vindicated by testimony that he’s claiming is false,” Oliver said on Sunday. “At this point, he’s become a walking logical paradox.”

“So why did Trump just seem to expose himself like that?” Oliver asked a question that apparently no one can answer. “I don’t know. I cannot explain his behavior. Jane Goodall cannot explain his behavior.”

For the main portion of his program, the “Daily Show” alum tackled the recent United Kingdom election and its Brexit implications. Readers can watch that video above.