Trump Had Lowest Average Approval Rating in Gallup History – Yes, Worse Than Nixon

Outgoing president averaged 41% job approval in office, a record low by four points

donald trump dc speech
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President Donald Trump is leaving the White House on a low note, with Gallup on Tuesday announcing he’s ending his one term in office with a 34% approval rating. That ties him with Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush for the second-lowest Gallup approval rating as a president leaves office; Harry Truman, with a 32% approval rating, still holds the crown when it comes to worst approval rating ever at the end of a presidency.

But what’s worse is that Trump has averaged only 41% in job approval during his presidency — which Gallup said is the worst of any president since the polling group began tracking approval under John F. Kennedy. In fact, Trump’s average approval is four points lower than any other modern president’s — including Richard Nixon.

Compounding matters, President Trump, following the recent attack on the U.S. Capitol by some of his supporters, set a new low for his job approval rating right as he was leaving office, which is fairly rare.

“Though many presidents left office with weak job approval ratings, Trump is the second, along with Richard Nixon, to register his personal low rating in the final measurement of his presidency,” Gallup noted. “Nixon resigned his office amid the Watergate scandal.”

President Trump previously hit 35% approval a few times during his first year in office. His high point was 49% approval in early 2020, right before the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. “Trump is the only president not to register a 50% job approval rating at any point in his presidency since Gallup began measuring presidential job approval in 1938,” Gallup added.


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