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Trump Meets With Pro-Gun Florida High School Shooting Survivor in Oval Office

Kyle Kashuv is the first known survivor from the Parkland shooting to meet with the president

President Trump granted an audience to a survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Thursday.

Trump and First Lady Melania met with Kyle Kashuv in the Oval Office, and the high school student later tweeted out photos taken of the event.

“Was so great meeting @FLOTUS and @POTUS,” he said “They’re true patriots.”

It’s the first known Oval Office audience Trump has granted a survivor of the tragedy. However, the president did hold a listening session with survivors and their parents at the White House last month.

Though considerably less well known than his classmates David Hogg and Emma González in the wake of the tragedy, Kashuv has become a rising force among survivors as a champion of more conservative ideas to addressing gun violence.

His Twitter feed is replete with praise for conservative stalwarts like Ben Shapiro. He has also made several appearances on Fox News to promote more skeptical views of gun control and urging both sides to come together on plans to address gun violence.

President Trump has expressed his sympathy for the students, whose calls for action on gun violence have dominated the national conversation for weeks. The president has bucked NRA supporters by calling for universal background checks but has also raised hackles among liberals for supporting an idea from the organization to arm teachers.

Kashuv also had some one-on-one time with Melania Trump. The First Lady posted a video with highlights of their meeting to Twitter Thursday. Trump also plugged the ReachOut App, whch Kashuv has been promoting in recent days.

It’s unclear what exactly anyone spoke about, Kashuv did not immediately respond to request for comment.