Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Trump Might Be Looting the White House on His Way Out (Video)

“The White House right now has the feel of a Radio Shack in 2015,” ABC late-night host says

Joe Biden’s inauguration is less than a week away and Jimmy Kimmel is celebrating the historic occasion by watching footage of movers packing up President Donald Trump’s stuff at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during the transition of power.

“I bring you some good news tonight, for a change, and the good news is this: those are movers, you see, outside the White House, boxing him up. So that’s good,” Kimmel said during his opening monologue for Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“But this seems suspicious. This happened today, an unidentified trio seemed to have made off with a bust of Abraham Lincoln,” Kimmel continued, showing scenes of three individuals carrying the statue outside the White House. “Is it possible Trump is looting the White House before he goes? He’s going to use that as a hood ornament on his golf cart.”

Kimmel says he could watch movers boxing up Trump’s belongings and removing them from the White House all day in the lead up to Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20. Seriously, he would pay to see that.

“I tell you what, I would sign up for a streaming service that showed nothing but Trump’s stuff being moved out of the White House. I don’t know how much I would pay a month, but it’s a lot.”

The ABC late-night host went on to mock “POUTUS” further, who is said to have become “increasingly isolated” following his second impeachment and MAGA supporters’ attack on the Capitol building.

“As of late, the West Wing is reported to be sparsely staffed,” Kimmel said. “Those who remain a part of the administration are avoiding coming into work. The White House right now has the feel of a Radio Shack in 2015.”

Watch Kimmel’s full monologue, where he lays into Rudy Giuliani and more of Trump’s team, via the video above.


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