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Jimmy Fallon’s Trump Tells Kids You Can Cyberbully Your Way to a Nobel Peace Prize (Video)

After inviting all of the Kardashians to join his cabinet

Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump impression is already getting ready to accept his Nobel Peace Prize, following POTUS’ nomination for the award by a far-right Norwegian politician. And of course, his practice speech, which boasts about how you can “cyberbully your way to a Nobel Peace Prize,” isn’t exactly what you’d expect from the traditional Nobel candidate.

“I got to be honest, this award came at the perfect time,” Fallon’s Trump says in a sketch from Wednesday’s “Tonight Show,” which you can view above. “For a second there I almost thought I was doing a bad job as president. Can you believe that? But you’re right, I’m amazing and I deserve this award for many reasons. For one, I finally brought peace between the Arabs and Jews. We love the Jewish people, or as I call them, the Yo-semites. And now they’re getting along great with the United Arab Erimates. Emirates?… Until this morning I thought it was a European soccer team. We’re currently looking into that.

Fallon’s Trump is also proud of what he’s done to boost education (“Under my administration there have been so many books written about me — committing treason”) and his response to the pandemic (“Now folks are mad because Bob Woodward has me on tape saying I knew it would be deadly back in February. But to those folks I say, ‘Called it.’ Remember that. Big victory”).

The speech then veers off into other topical issues, like the announcement that “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is ending its run next year, “as one of the greatest shows in the history of broadcasting,” per Trump.

“No more Kim, no more Kris, no more Khloe with their sassy remarks. I wish them all well and invite each and every one of them to join my cabinet.”

Finally, Fallon’s Trump ends his speech by telling the kids (actually, just the boys, because “let’s be honest, some people say it should only be boys”): “Let this be a reminder than you can cyberbully your way to Nobel Peace Prize. Just remember, be best. And if that’s not working, be a little less best.”

Watch the video above.