Ex-CIA Director Michael Hayden Says It’s Not Possible Obama Wiretapped Trump (Video)

The President of the United States doesn’t even have that authority, retired four-star general tells Stephen Colbert

Last Updated: March 8, 2017 @ 6:13 AM

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden has officially assured Stephen Colbert — and America — that Barack Obama did not wiretap Donald Trump and his Trump Tower.

On Tuesday’s “Late Show,” the ex-NSA boss explained that it wouldn’t even be possible to pull off. After all, the President of the United States hasn’t had that particular authority for practically 50 years. It’s now a federal court matter, and has been since the 1970s.

These days, one has to prove to a judge beyond a reasonable doubt that the intended target of the tap is “the agent of a foreign power” or “involved in some sort of criminal activity,” per the retired four-star general. Insert your own Russia joke here.

Hayden’s as confused by Trump’s accusatory tweet as the rest of us. He’s not sure why the sitting POTUS didn’t just pick up the phone and ask two individuals, Jim Clapper and Jim Comey, if this whole thing happened. After all, they’d be the ones involved.

“That’s why I wondered what happened on Saturday morning,” Hayden said, citing Trump’s latest bizarre Twitter activity. “He seemed to have forgotten he was the President of the United States.”

Watch the video above.