Trump Praises Kanye, Calls ‘SNL’ a ‘Political Ad for the Dems’

West turned heads after performing in a MAGA hat and ranting about his public embrace of Trump on “Saturday Night Live”

Kanye West Donald Trump

President Trump took to Twitter Sunday to give a shoutout to Kanye West for his MAGA-tinged performance on “Saturday Night Live” — while also taking care to blast the show more broadly as Democratic propaganda.

“Like many, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live (even though I past hosted it) – no longer funny, no talent or charm,” Trump wrote. “It is just a political ad for the Dems. Word is that Kanye West, who put on a MAGA hat after the show (despite being told “no”), was great. He’s leading the charge!”

After the camera had stopped rolling, West told “SNL” audience members that he had been “bullied” behind-the-scenes not to go on stage wearing his MAGA hat. Facing boos from the audience, West called out Democrats for promoting “welfare” and accused “90 percent” of the media of being with Democrats.

“So many times I talk to a white person about this and they say, ‘How can you like Trump? He’s racist,” said Kanye which resulted in booing from the crowd. “If I was concerned about racism, I would have moved out of America a long time ago.”

Chris Rock who uploaded video of the moment to Instagram can be heard audibly chuckling to himself.

“Oh my God,” said Rock.

The tweet from Trump is the latest in a public friendship between him and the musician. The two were close before he became president, and they met in Trump Tower a month after defeating Hillary Clinton. After it was over, Trump called West a “good man,” and West said the two had spoken about “multicultural issues” and “bullying.”