Trump Rips GOP Over Healthcare: ‘Finally Your Chance for a Great Plan’

POTUS takes to twitter in an effort to whip up support for his revised plan

Donald Trump Delivers Address To Joint Session Of Congress
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President Trump took to Twitter on Friday morning to bash House Freedom Caucus Republicans who have not expressed interest in voting to replace Obamacare with Trump’s revised health care plan.

The vote was supposed to occur on Thursday, the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) being signed into action. However, the vote was delayed when House Speaker Paul Ryan realized he did not have the required votes, despite Trump recently meeting with conservatives in an attempt to talk them into his plan.

As of this morning, news outlets believe 27 in the House are solidly in the No camp and another four are likely to follow.

Last night, Trump announced that if the new plan is not passed then Republicans are stuck with ACA and the new president will move on to other issues. Many of these Republicans have promised voters in their districts that replacing ACA was a top priority.

GOP lawmakers met behind closed doors Thursday night, according to the Associated Press.

“‘Negotiations are over, we’d like to vote tomorrow and let’s get this done for the American people.’ That was it,” Rep. Duncan Hunter of California told the AP.