Colbert on Trump’s Royal Dinner: ‘This Season of ‘The Crown’ Has Really Jumped the Shark’ (Video)

We’re sorry, England

Stephen Colbert returned from vacation Monday to torch Donald Trump and the U.S. delegation’s visit to England, a trip hosted by the royal family.

To drive his many jokes home, Colbert dusted off his POTUS and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin impressions, as well as one for a generic Buckingham Palace butler of sorts. He still had them down pat — especially the Mnuchin frog face.

Colbert also invoked Netflix series “The Crown” to emphasize the absurdity.

“But the Trumps’ super-fun field trip isn’t over yet. This evening, he and his family attended a formal dinner with the queen,” he said. “I have to say, this season of ‘The Crown’ has really jumped the shark.”

That one wasn’t Colbert’s only reference to television shows during Monday’s monologue. The CBS “Late Show” host was bummed out that Trump wouldn’t be breaking bread with Meghan Markle — especially after the president of the United States definitely said she was “nasty.”

“Oh, that’s sad. I was hoping they would meet,” Colbert set up his next punchline. “I was really looking forward to the new reality show, ‘The Dutchess & The Douche.”

Watch the video above.