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Colbert’s Mockery of Trump’s Fake SOTU Viewer Claim Can’t Fit Into One Segment (Videos)

”Late Show“ cold open and monologue both skewer President’s math ability

Stephen Colbert’s level of incredulousness over Donald Trump’s State of the Union (SOTU) viewership lie was so high that the “Late Show” host needed two segments to properly put the president in his place.

In the CBS late-night show’s cold open, the Colbert crew used a fake White House press conference to mention the Tuesday night viewers that Nielsen did not count, like the Russians, house pets, three small people in a trench coat stacked on each others’ shoulders, and so on.

Moments later, Colbert started his monologue by trashing Trump’s math skills and the Commander-in-Chief’s bizarre need to fib.

“So let me just say right now, in advance, congratulations to President Trump on winning the Super Bowl,” Colbert quipped on Thursday.

Watch the cold open above and the monologue below.