Angry Trump Supporter Kicked Off United Flight as Passengers Shout ‘Lock Him Up!’ (Video)

Video of the exchange went viral and once again an airplane fight was a proxy for American political discourse

The friendly skies aren’t friendly at all for one man, whose removal from a United Airlines flight in Shanghai, China, prompted cheers and chants from his exasperated fellow passengers.

On Sunday, an elderly white man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, who was reportedly angry over his seating accommodations, was recorded in a cell phone video shouting at fellow passengers for an extended length of time, until he was finally kicked off of the United flight. Unsurprisingly, the other passengers were more than happy to see the man leave, and as he was escorted off the flight by security, they chanted “Lock him up! Lock him up!”, referencing Donald Trump’s election year promise to jail his rival Hillary Clinton.

Video of the bizarre exchange was posted online by the Washington Post, and you can watch it in its entirety above.

According to one passenger who spoke to The Washington Post, the man didn’t like his seat and demanded an upgrade before claiming an entire row of seats to himself. That isn’t included in the video, but you can see the impression he made on the other passengers. One passenger, a woman in crutches, calls him a “selfish man.” Another tells him his MAGA cap is making people uncomfortable. And of course, there is the man’s rant itself.

Witnesses say the man pitched a fit for over an hour before being booted from the flight. It is not yet known who the man was, or if he was arrested.