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Trump Blasted for National Anthem Performance: ‘Disgraceful for Any President’

People take issue with president’s lip-sync, say he doesn’t know the words

President Donald Trump is being roundly mocked after footage of him singing the national anthem went viral during a college football game in Atlanta on Monday night.

During the Georgia Vs. Alabama game the president took to the field with ROTC members and sang along with the crowd.

But — as with all things Trump — critics lay in wait. Many online took issue with the president’s lip-syncing and apparent mumbling of the song’s lyrics, saying it was evidence that he doesn’t know the words.

“I get it dude. You guys are practically family. I had Roseanne’s back when she f-ed up the National Anthem too,” tweeted Tom Arnold, Roseanne Barr’s ex-husband, in response to a Donald Trump Jr. tweet. (Barr famously butchered the National Anthem at a 1990 San Diego Padres game.)

And it pretty much went from there.

Many online were irate that a president who spent an inordinate amount of time going after NFL players for kneeling during the anthem might be less than familiar with the lyrics of America’s “Star Spangled Banner.” Others argued Obama got unfairly criticized for a much lesser offense: not wearing the traditional American flag on his lapel.

Opinions on Trump’s anthem singing ultimately lay in the eye of the beholder.