‘Thighland?’ Trump Mispronounces Thailand During Speech (Video)

The gaffe comes two days after Trump pronounced Yosemite as “Yo, Semites”

If you’ve ever wondered how the word Thailand is pronounced, Donald Trump gave a how-not-to lesson on Thursday during a speech in Ohio for workers at the Whirlpool factory on Thursday. Specifically, he pronounced the southeast Asian country’s name as “Thighland” before correcting himself.

As Trump spoke about Whirlpool’s competitors, he said they were “shifting production to ‘Thighland’ and to Vietnam, Thailand and Vietnam, two places that I like their leaders very much.”

On social media, viewers quickly latched onto the mispronunciation, which comes two days after Trump also pronounced Yosemite as “Yo, Semites.”

“Yo, Semites, who wants to take a trip to Thighland?” the journalist Lesley Abravanel tweeted.

“When you see ‘Thighland’ trending there are really only two options. An infomercial gone horribly wrong. Or the President of the United States. Come to think of it, aren’t those the same thing?” Dan Rather tweeted.

We’ll concede that unlike “yo-semites,” a pronunciation Trump repeatedly used on Tuesday, Trump’s “Thailand” gaffe was probably just a simple over-literal reading of his speech notes, and not actually a mistaken belief that’s how it’s pronounced.

Watch the clip here.


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