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Trump to French First Lady Brigitte Macron: ‘You’re in Such Good Shape’ (Video)

The president is caught on video complimenting her as ”beautiful“

President Donald Trump was caught on video complimenting the appearance of French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife on Thursday.

“You’re in such good shape,” Trump tells Brigitte Macron in a video that was posted to the French government’s Facebook account.

The world leaders were chatting before a joint press conference with the French president, and Trump repeated his comment to the French president, adding “beautiful.”

The Trumps and the Macrons are scheduled to have dinner at Eiffel Tower’s Jules Verne restaurant later on Thursday. The First Lady of France used to be the President Macron’s high school teacher and the age gap has drawn international attention to the couple.

The Macrons’ age difference is identical to that of Donald and Melania Trump, according to the Associated Press, but the genders are reversed.

Melania was standing with her husband and the First Lady of France, so Trump will probably avoid the White House dog house for his comment. Trump’s comments about women tend to draw scrutiny because of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape in which he boasted about grabbing women by the genitals — which would be sexual assault — and his rating of women on a 1-10 scale.

Megyn Kelly’s pressing of Trump about his attitudes toward women during a 2015 debate led to another outburst, in which he said she had “blood coming out of her whatever.” That has been widely cited as yet another sexist comment.

Check out the video:

Not long before that awkward exchange, Trump and the First Lady of France shared an awkward first greeting. A dubious handshake morphed into “la bise” (the traditional French greeting of two cheek kisses) and then somehow morphed back into a handshake. Trump gripped Brigitte Macron’s hand and maintained his grasp as she tried to pull away.

Watch awkward happen below.