Trump’s Tweets Make a Spectacular Angst-Filled Emo Song (Video)

A two-minute, 41-second song with angry lyrics courtesy of the POTUS

Last Updated: February 12, 2017 @ 1:46 PM

Donald Trump is a poet, and we didn’t know it.

As of today, the POTUS can add “lyricist” to his resume thanks to his love of Twitter. The entertainment company Super Deluxe masterfully strung together a series of President Trump’s most memorable thoughts that he reduced to 140 characters… and then they set them to music.

The result: a two-minute, 41-second anxiety-filled song.

It starts with an into, setting up the song’s mood — that of a man who was sworn in as president, but “the victory hasn’t stopped him from whining on Twitter about the public’s response to the election.”

Listen to it below.