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Trump Unloads on NBC After Michael Cohen Story Correction: ‘Sources Probably Don’t Exist’

The president pounces on a major correction from NBC News on Thursday

President Donald Trump unloaded on NBC News Friday morning after the company was forced to issue an embarrassing correction to its bombshell exclusive yesterday that there had been a court-ordered wiretap of Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s phones.

On Twitter, Trump accused NBC of fabricating sources to justify its reporting.

“NBC NEWS is wrong again! They cite ‘sources’ which are constantly wrong,” said Trump. “Problem is, like so many others, the sources probably don’t exist, they are fabricated, fiction! NBC, my former home with the Apprentice, is now as bad as Fake News CNN. Sad!”

A rep for NBC News declined to comment.

On Thursday, NBC took over the afternoon news cycle with a break that Cohen’s phones had been wiretapped.

If true, it would have given federal investigators untold amounts of unfiltered data as they wade through the myriad investigations surrounding Cohen, Trump and the Trump presidential campaign. But after several other organizations were unable to independently confirm the report, the truth finally came out: It was fake news.

During the 5 p.m. ET hour, MSNBC ran an on-air correction on the set of “Meet The Press” in which the NBC reporter on the story, Tom Winter, explained what happened.

“Based on information from two independent sources who have a long-term track record of credibility in providing accurate information to this news organization, earlier today based on that information, we reported there was a wiretap on Michael Cohen’s phone,” Winter said. “Meaning they were able to listen in to conversations from phone lines associated with Michael Cohen to any other person that he might have talked to.”

“Now, three senior U.S. Officials are telling us it was not a wiretap,” he explained. “Instead, it was what is referred to a pen register.”

So in other words, federal authorities got their hands on phone logs, but the content of those calls was not in their possession.